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We have rules. We hope you’ll share informative content on our Page that will help our readers/audience, but we have some guidelines that every blogger must follow to ensure genuine posts.

  • All shared or posted content must be 100 percent original and not previously published. No copy-pasting is allowed; it must be original.
  • Must be distinctive and intriguing to attract readers.
  • If you use or contribute third-party photos or videos, you’re liable for any copyright claims, and we won’t answer on your behalf.
  • Your content must be at least 500 words and include one 800*450-pixel image.
  • Your blog/content should have at least two headings.
  • Your content/blog contribution won’t be paid.

Linking Professionally

In the author bio, you can link to your website or blog. Add your social media links here. Please note that you are not allowed to add irrelevant links to shared posts/articles. If we find any, we will remove them without prior notice. If adding links to the articles is essential for your marketing, you may do so by paying a one-time fee per link added to the shared content/article.

Not-To-Be-Missed Attachments

Please submit only MS-Word articles/blogs. Send at least one 800*450-pixel picture.

  • Author Bio: Include the following information.
  • Display Name and Profile Picture
  • 2-3 sentence self-description.
  • Website or blog link.
  • Previous article links.
  • Social media connections 

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