Report: The Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce Situation Has His Jersey Sales Doing Numbers

Calling it now: “Football Taylor” will be the “it” Eras Tour movie outfit.?
Travis Kelce
Cooper Neill/Getty Images.

Are you ready for it? Depends on the shipping speed you went for.?

The theatrical release of a filmed version of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is just weeks away, and fans who suffered tragedy and trauma at the hands of the dreaded Verified Fan waitlist (still waiting) will finally get their chance to experience the singer’s epic, career-spanning show. Disaster with Ticketmaster? Now’s the time to tango with Fandango.

Which means it’s also time for this wave of theatrical fans to face an issue that concertgoers the world round have also bravely confronted: What do I wear?

The demand for face sequins has never been stronger, thanks to Lover stans (10 out of 10 Channing Tatums concur), and let’s not even talk about the opportunity for cable-knit cardigans as autumnal weather comes creeping in. But now that Taylor has been spotted hanging out with Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce and palling around with his mom while absolutely losing her mind cheering for him in his own personal box at a game Sunday (the usual), the Eras tides may be turning.

It’s Football Taylor’s world. We’re just living in it.

No, Taylor hasn’t released an album full of Jock Jams (yet), but sales and searches for Kelce’s jersey have soared since Swift’s gametime performance.

Fanatics, e-commerce partner of the NFL (which is kind of Kelce’s boss, when you think of it—they must be so proud of their boy), confirmed to People on Monday that fans were more eager than usual to put Kelce’s name on their back.

“Yesterday, Travis Kelce was one of the top five selling NFL players and saw a nearly 400% spike in sales throughout the Fanatics network of sites, including,” the rep said.

According to data analysis of Google Trends by betting site Replay Poker, searches for “Travis Kelce jersey” were 12 times higher than average—their highest since February’s Super Bowl LVII, at which Kelce caught six passes for 81 yards and a touchdown, but which Swift did not attend. In fact, the data also shows that search interest in Kelce’s jersey overtook searches for quarterback Patrick Mahomes’s kit for the first time in history.?

Honestly, this rumored Swift-Kelce romance is a godsend for the indecisive outfit planners among us, and can pull double duty for the Eras movie and serve as a timely Halloween costume. After all, Kelce admitted to trying to slip Swift his phone number via beaded friendship bracelet in July, so there’s that accessory decided. Grab that jersey and tie it up in a cute lil knot (#fashion), and then hey, why not, borrow from the Lover era and put some sequins on your face, but do it like that black eye paint stuff that football players sometimes seem to do. (Makeup is fun!) Oh, do you have a Polaroid? Snap a nose-down photo of that ensemble and bam, you’re 1989-flavored Football Taylor. Lil chilly? You and that cardigan know what to do, no actual sports knowledge required. Just don’t forget the chicken tenders.

Go team!