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Maybe Taylor Swift Just Really Likes Football

Why can’t you Kelce, you belong with me … enthusiastically enjoying America’s Sportsball Game on a Sunday afternoon.
Maybe Taylor Swift Just Really Likes Football
From Jason Hanna/Getty Images.

Cozy Girl Autumn is here. Taylor Swift certainly got the memo, and that’s probably why she was whoopin’ it up at Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game where they (checks notes) stomped the Chicago Bears, 41-10.

Was she in tight end-slash-rumored-love-interest Travis Kelce’s box, sitting next to his mom, Donna Kelce? She sure was. Hello to Mama Kelce. Did the world watch, rapt, as she cheered and chowed down on chicken tenders throughout the game? Yeah. Did she leave the stadium with Mr. Kelce? Sure seems like it! Does any of this mean they’re dating? Not necessarily.

In fact, I’d say the one thing it does confirm is that Taylor is a pumpkin spice lover, all the way down to her syrupy core. Consider: This is a woman who dresses up her cats for festive opportunities and chose to compare herself to the platonic ideal of a transitional knitwear layer, the faithful cardigan. She parlayed the disputed custody of a certain scarf into a best music video Grammy. This is a woman who almost definitely has a novelty item, be it a Rae Dunn-style mug or a novelty pajama top emblazoned with “falling for fall” stashed away somewhere. Miss Americana basically gives off aromas of apple pie. She probably uses the word “cozy” at least twice a day. She is fall made flesh. She’s already done the whole special Super Bowl concert thing. (Usher was just announced as this year’s halftime show headliner, which, okay? An unnamed source told the Daily Mail that Taylor feels “the Super Bowl would be a nice thing to do someday but it is not a defining moment for her right now.”) It only makes sense that we’re seeing her out here going full Friday Night Lights in the stands in America’s heartland. The time is (literally) right.

Plus, all signs point to Swift being perfectly primed for her Football Fan Era: When asked by Vogue what her favorite food was, she said that she could eat chicken tenders every single day. That’s commitment, and chicken tendies are a stadium food if there ever was one. Swift also excels at choreography, which she put on display at Sunday’s game when she executed a well-timed jumping chest bump with a fellow fan after Kelce scored a touchdown. That’s some expert-level stuff, honestly. She also put those professional pipes to good use, as she was seen absolutely bellowing at the game. You think you can just bust out a piercing and prolonged “woo!” while banging on the box’s glass without proper vocal training and live to tell the tale? I think not.

So why the Chiefs, if not for Kelce? First, it’s polite. He reportedly invited her, after all, and the guy has been out here telling the world about how his on-theme attempt to give the musician his phone number via an Eras Tour beaded friendship bracelet over the summer bellyflopped. As an unnamed source told People of Swift’s attendance at the game, “She just thought it was a fantastic way to spend Sunday.” Second, is there anyone you would trust to hang out with your parents more than Taylor Swift? There’s no doubt that she gives good parent. And then there’s the fact that the Chiefs franchise’s main color (Chief color?) is red. Swift is known for her red lip (classic thing that you like etc.), so the coordination was already there. Peep the red and white windbreaker she threw on over her white tank to take in the game. It just matches so well! How could a person say no to that?

So whether she’s dating Kelce or not, let’s raise a chicken tender to Taylor Swift, patron saint of this year’s football season.