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What Exactly Is A 3D Product Configurator?

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Each day brings new opportunities to do business efficiently. Businesses have been using advanced technologies to promote their products ever since Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR). These businesses have achieved new heights by offering their customers an immersive experience. 3D product configurator has become a widely-used tool.

3d Product Configurator

A 3D configurator allows customers to see your product in 3D. This includes measuring the product from all angles, determining its size, and choosing the appropriate colors and textures.

Let’s discuss the 3D product configurator.

What Are The Benefits Of A 3D Product Configuration Tool?

Benefits To Your Customers:

The 3D product configurator is a great way to enhance the online shopping experience for customers. Customers can view a product online from their homes and interact with it in real-time. The customer can zoom in, zoom out, move the product around, and view it from various angles. This helps customers understand the product better. Customers can review every aspect of the product before making a purchase. They can create their customizations using the colors and textures they prefer. This allows them to make quicker decisions and makes it easier for them to make smarter choices.

Benefits To Your Company:

Your company can reap the benefits of a 3D product configuration tool in many ways.

Enhances Lead Quality

Many observations have shown that customers tend to spend a lot of time using a 3-D configurator. They take the time to look at each product. This is a good thing as it helps them to understand the product and its functions better. This allows for better-quality leads.

A Shorter Sale Cycle

The sales team spends a lot of time answering basic questions about products. With a 3D configurator, this can be avoided. If a product has been configured, you can add PDFs that contain details and basic knowledge about it.

The PDF is available to customers together with the configurator. A PDF copy is provided to the sales team with the configurator. This gives them the exact information they need. Your sales team’s burden is greatly reduced, and your time is saved.

Increases Sales

This phenomenon has been confirmed by nearly all businesses that use a 3D configurator. It increases the sales of products by allowing for unique 3D animations and intelligent AR/VR usage. The immersive experience it offers customers is appealing to them. Customers love the freedom to personalize the product and are more likely to purchase it. Because they have all the information, they make fast decisions.

3D Configurators Can Help You Better Explain And Endorse Your Products

A 3D configurator is a tool that allows you to communicate better with your customers and help them understand your product. The following are some ways to achieve this.

  • It can be used to connect with a broad audience through a website.
  • It encourages interaction with customers through creative 3D advertisements.
  • It can create a virtual showroom for your products.
  • It makes it easier for customers to understand the complexities associated with a product.

A Better Understanding Of Your Customer

Understanding your customer’s needs is vital. It will give you a clear picture of what your customers want. A 3D configurator can be used on your website to analyze the behavior of your customers and help you understand what they are searching for. This data will allow you to make changes to your products. Based on your customer requirements and understanding, you may be able to launch a completely new product.

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