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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Potatoes

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Potatoes are a member of the nightshade plant family, which also includes aubergines and tomatoes. There are many varieties of potatoes. However, the most common divisions of Potatoes from a culinary standpoint are “floury”, “waxy” and “new”.

Floury Potatoes are packed with amylase, a type of starch. These starch granules expand and burst when cooked, creating a soft, fluffy texture that is ideal for making creamy mash. Waxy potatoes such as Charlotte have less amylase, which gives them a firm texture that is ideal for roasting or gratins. New potatoes are mature potatoes picked earlier in the season. They retain their structure and are great for potato salads.

1. Money Can’t Buy Nutrition

Potatoes have a higher nutrient-to–price ratio than other vegetables and are a staple food in many countries. They are an important part of the diet and contribute to our vitamin C, potassium as well as vitamin B6, vitamin B6, and folate intakes. Potatoes are an excellent choice, as they can provide food quickly and on a smaller land area.

2. Low In Fat

Many people, including professionals, have a negative opinion of potatoes. However, it is worth noting that potatoes can be boiled or baked and is almost fat-free. Although tubers are high in starch, they have fewer calories than equivalent amounts of rice or pasta. They also contain useful micronutrients like vitamin C, folate, and potassium, which is a big advantage over rice and pasta.

Although potatoes are low in protein, the protein they do provide is of high biological value. This means that it contains a wide range of essential amino acids for good health.

3. Gut Health Supports

Some starch found in potatoes is particularly good for our microbes. It is called ‘resistant starch’. This means that it can be digested by our stomach bacteria and then broken down by our intestinal microbes, giving them the fuel they need to thrive.

The starch granules in potatoes are more resistant to digestion when they are cooked and cooled. Studies show that foods high in resistant starch have a host of health benefits. They are more efficient at digestion, less likely to develop chronic diseases, and lower the risk of developing colon cancer.

4. May Support Blood Sugar Management

Potatoes are rich in resistant starch and may help with blood sugar control and appetite management. Studies on animals show that resistant starch has been linked to lower insulin sensitivity, less fat accumulation, and less weight gain. This was confirmed by a study that examined the effects of 30g of resistant starch per day for four weeks. You can increase the resistant Starch content by boiling, cooling, and storing potatoes in the refrigerator before you eat them.

Also, potatoes are a good source of pectin (), a type of fiber that slows down stomach emptying and keeps you fuller longer. It also helps to lower blood sugar after eating.

5. Source Of Protective Antioxidants

A useful source for plant compounds is potatoes. They have an antioxidant effect. The flesh of potatoes is rich in Carotenoids including lutein as well as zeaxanthin. These are good for the eyes. The potato is also rich in polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid and flavonoids. The most prominent of these are catechin or epicatechin.

Are Potatoes Safe To Eat?

Most people are safe from potato consumption. In rare cases, some people may be allergic to both cooked and raw potatoes. Glycoalkaloids are compounds found in potatoes, including solanine. Consuming large amounts of these compounds can cause serious health problems. Look out for green patches on potatoes when you prepare them. This indicates that there are higher levels of glycoalkaloids. These areas should be removed before the potato is cooked.

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