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How To Distinguish Between Different Smart Door Locks?

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You’re moving into a new office or looking to renovate and now you need to choose the right commercial door lock. There are two options. You can choose the standard wired commercial locks. These include fail-safe locks such as magnetic locks and fail-secure locks such as electric strikes. You can read this article to learn more about the common commercial door locks and how they work .

What Are Smart Locks?

A new trend in access control is to abandon traditional key-locking methods and embrace Bluetooth and NFC-enabled doors readers. The Wi-Fi door locks are the same and offer a variety of solutions for modern homeowners or office administrators who want to get rid of their physical keys and all associated problems.

Why Smart Locks Are Important?

It’s easy to switch to a keyless lock. It’s important that you note that a smart lock won’t make your door stronger as the metal frame it is secured to will remain the same. However, it will allow you greater control. You can easily grant and deny access, which will make your home safer.

Are Your Plans To Install In A House Or Office?

It is important to decide if you want to install it in a home or an office. There is a lot of overlap in the available products, but there will be different needs and resources.

Smart Home Internet-Connectivity

Today, full home automation is a hot topic. Virtually every electronic component of the home can be integrated into one ecosystem. The hub can control everything, from doorbells and light bulbs to speakers and plugs. It can also be controlled via voice commands and a display interface. Smart locks are just another great addition to this collection. You should ensure that the smart lock you are considering buying is compatible with your existing smart hub, as well as any future ones.

Different Protocols For Office Smart Locks

Beyond that, the specific protocol you choose should also be considered. This helps us move on to the section about office locks. You have three options: Bluetooth, Z-wave, and Wi-Fi. All three wireless protocols can communicate with other devices that are enabled.

Wi-Fi Protocol

Wi-Fi is the most well-known of all the options. It has the best bandwidth capabilities and can travel anywhere with sufficient network connectivity. This allows you to communicate with your lock anywhere you are in the world. However, the downside is that it requires a lot more power. If you don’t want to replace the batteries every month, you will need to wire the power in, which we think defeats the purpose.


Bluetooth is less powerful in terms of network load but will still be sufficient to unlock smart locks. Its only drawback is the limited range. This means that you must be within 150 feet of the door to unlock it. You won’t be able to unlock doors from other places in the city. It is very energy efficient and requires little maintenance. The Bluetooth language is spoken by your phone, so you can communicate with it using no interface. This is especially useful if you don’t like having to navigate complicated and unintuitive interfaces.

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