Hire A Professional Builder – What They Do During The Architectural Design Phase?

Although it seems to be tempting to deal with the home renovation project directly, some planning is essential before making it successful. Most homeowners reach the home builders in 2 ways – during the phase of the architectural plan or after the planning.

Whether you want to renovate your home or add a lawn irrigation system, choose a professional custom home builder Scarborough like Cedar Hills Contracting. They provide high-quality materials and services that improve the functionality and beauty of the home at fair prices.

Choose a professional architect

If you choose an architect who can only design a plan and couldn’t implement it within your budget, it may delay the work. Also, the homeowners have to rush to make an update in the planning, wait for the estimation from the builder, work for the approvals, site preparation, and other works.

Homeowners usually hire an interior designer or architect or both to make a detailed plan. An architect works on various works, including floor plans, approvals, and more. Other works like electrical work, kitchen, bathrooms, and others will be designed by another designer. Before making a decision, understand the quality of services that the firm provides to its clients.

Advantages of hiring a home builder during the phase of architectural design

  • Provides unique designing ideas
  • Ensure design and budget
  • Provides an interior designer to tackle the selections
  • Provides civil engineering and structural processes
  • Updates the plan on schedule
  • Offers cost and time-saving options
  • Prepares packages for HOA and city permitting approval

Whether you like to shop or not, a designer will help to select high-quality materials, including countertops, lighting fixtures, windows, doorknobs, and more within your budget. It’s ideal to choose everything ahead of the construction (at least 1 or 2 months). When shopping for hardwood floors and tiles, an architect will conclude the work, drawings, and the work required to get approval.

It takes several weeks to months, or years to get approval based on the locality and project work. You must have an idea to fill the permit, which helps to select a date to begin the project. Also, the permit fee changes based on the place you live and your project.


After getting approvals and selecting materials, your builder will complete pricing and make a contract. If the cost of selected materials is more, you can consider value engineering to change the materials or work to reduce the price.

Keep in mind that a customized builder will do many things during the phase of the architectural plan. They help with everything from the smooth moving of home from architectural plan to construction stage without delays.

This planning process is lengthy and takes more than 4 to 6 months or more after starting the process, but you can start each step with clear insight. A professional construction team, including the architect and others, will help you start it with a clear plan.

For a smooth, enjoyable, and collaborative experience, choose a builder who offers reliable services and get your quote today.

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