How to Target the Right Market Research Respondents?

Research is essential to understand your brand position in this tough competitive marketplace. Market research means discovering and understanding product or service viability via direct survey with existing and potential consumers. To ensure market research success, it is vital to right survey respondents for collecting valuable feedback.

Surveying the entire population is impossible. So, you choose a specific audience group using different sampling techniques. A well-designed sample frame enhances the survey validity.

Telephone or online market surveys are the methods used. You can hire a reliable and cost-effective online market research panel for B2B and consumer research. For example, the B2B audiences from OvationMR are a great way to make your surveys complete

Guidelines to target right market research respondents

Identify the right target market and audience to collect actionable survey insights. The accuracy and reliability of survey data will depend on your aptitude to define your respondents. The ones that use your products or services matter because they offer reliable opinions about your brand.

Use social media

People reside a lot on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. There is a lot of information stored, shared, and passed via social channels. Researchers can choose suitable respondents from social media for quick surveys and polls to collect data. Place short but intriguing surveys at the right places to receive responses effectively.

Build online research community

Building an online research community helps to conduct a better study. Distribute surveys, hold a qualitative video focus group, conduct live polls, and host open discussions to engage community members. Online communities are a huge success, so researchers continue to develop and nurture them for quick insights.

Engage online research panels

There are multiple reasons why online market research panels are a hit. First, the panel suppliers maintain a massive database comprising of different kinds of respondents from distinct demographics.

The panel provides even takes the responsibility to find the right respondents suitable to your research needs. It helps researchers to concentrate on their research activities rather than spend time looking for the right respondents.

Use email surveys

At the Point of Sale [POS], plenty of customer details are gathered. Customers’ email addresses can be a valuable aspect of future engagement. You can email the surveys to these customers and understand the problems they are experiencing with your product or services.

You can even gain an insight into what they desire from your brand. To keep response rates high offer some incentives or cash rewards. The survey has to be short and engaging to collect maximum completed feedbacks.

Embed research feedback form in your website

For a website with high traffic, it is great to embed survey form into their site. Embedding a research questionnaire makes it simple for visitors to give feedback and share their opinions about your brand. You can collect feedback on pages or have a pop-up survey or input of overall purchase experience directly from your consumers. It is an outstanding survey technique!


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