AdWords Extensions To Improve The Conversion Rates

AdWords are not easy to manage. You should put in a lot of effort to manage everything properly when it comes to Google AdWords. In short, there are several things that we must take care of when it comes to PPC Campaigns like the quality of landing pages, Click through Rate, and keywords relevancy. Landing page relevancy and Google AdWords extensions are also very important to run any PPC campaign successfully.

AdWords extensions help your ads to stand out from all the other ads online. If you are someone who uses the internet daily, then you would have observed how crowded the online marketplace is. What are AdWords Extensions? AdWords extensions are simply the additional information that the advertisers use to achieve more clicks. They help the users to take action directly from search results. Using these Ad extensions, you can make your ads more useful to the users.

Ad extensions include information like additional links, telephone numbers, location, call button, and seller reviews. All you need to do is choose the right extensions which can help you to meet your business goals. Many people think that they should pay an additional cost for using the AdWords extensions. But this is not at all true. One good thing about them is the advertisers will not be charged with any additional charges for using them.

Some ad extensions are manual ones, while some are automated ones. When it comes to automated ad extensions, AdWords will automatically add them to your ads. The commonly used automated ad extensions include the details like site link extensions, automated calling, etc. When you choose the manual ad extensions, you have to customize your ad as per your requirements. If you don’t know how to add ad extensions then choose AdWords management Perth services from a reputed agency. Choose a company like Australian Internet Advertising for the best services.

What are the different types of Ad extensions?

  • Sitelink Extensions: They are the most commonly used extensions. The main purpose of using the site link extensions is to re-direct the users to specific pages on your website. In simple words, when they click on your ad link, they will be directly taken to the page you want them to see. Make sure that you add all the important information related to your services or products on this page to attract more traffic. The details which you mention on your page and the details on your page should be relevant.
  • Callout Extensions: The main purpose of this type of extension is to promote your offers online. Callout extensions allow the users to add additional text, which includes detailed information about your services or products.
  • Call Extensions: This type of extension allows the advertisers to add contact numbers (phone numbers) to the ads. If your website has your contact number, then Google may ad your contact number as the extension automatically. When you check on the desktop, this will simply show up as a contact number. The users will not be able to dial that number directly from a desktop. Mobile phone users will get connected to you when they simply tap on that number twice. If you are someone who will not be available on phone all the time then the call extensions may not be the right choice for you.
  • Location Extensions: They help the users to find your office or store location easily. The purpose of this ad extension is to display your ad with the address. They include a call button or your location map. Online businessmen don’t need this type of extension. They are specially meant for the people who own a grocery store or a salon or a gym or a baby care centre outside.
  • Price Extensions: The main purpose of price extensions is to display your products or service details online with the price. They generally appear below your text ads on mobiles or desktops. Price is one of the crucial factors which can shape the decision of many people. When you display the price directly along with your ads, most of the interested people will click your ad to find out the complete details. Displaying some attractive prices can help you attract more traffic.

Hire a PPC expert today from one of the reputed agencies in your location to stay relaxed without worrying about your AdWords campaign.

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